1. Tim

    Sacrifices in Ancient Cultures
    In this exhibition, we decided to focus on the sacrificial rites of ancient cultures, including Sumerian, Chinese, Celtic, and Pre-Columbian. We chose these .

  2. Alyssa

    Ritual Blood Sacrifice among the Ancient Maya - Mesoweb
    blood sacrifice was as important to the ancient Maya as it was to their neighbors in . tions of Maya blood sacrifice rites, he does elaborate on one particular .

  3. Petrushka Project - Jing Zhou
    Jing Zhou. Nuo Dance - A Dance of Sacrificial Rite in an Ancient China . It sprang from the belief in totems and spread far and wide in ancient times. I remember .

    Human sacrifice - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    According to Pliny the Elder, human sacrifice in Ancient Rome was . of rank would be burnt along with the body of their master as part of his funerary rites.

    Blood Sacrifice in Ancient Greece and Aztec America
    nal rites and ego freedoms to an ethics of further sacrifice either way.) A. 21. ONE . An ancient sacrificial altar, probably showing the garlanded bull offered at .

    abolish these ancient rites, so that there could not possibly be any importance attached to . The Bible reveals the correlation between the ancient sacrificial .

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    Empowered Children in Classic Maya Sacrificial Rites (Traci Ardren ...
    Empowered Children in Classic Maya Sacrificial Rites Trad Ardren Abstract . Sacrifice in Ancient Mesoamerica A recent compilation correctly noted that there is .

  4. Debby

    The Open-air Sacrificial Burial of the Mongols
    After the Revolution of 1921 Mongolians started to change their burial rites. . The open-air burial or "casting-out" burial is a very ancient custom among the .

  5. Don

    Religious Rituals, Festivals, Sacrifices: Connecting Ancient Greek ...
    Back to Last Page | Ancient Greek Mythology, Religion, Art ». Although . Religious Meaning of Sacrificial Rituals . Funeral of Hektor: Funeral Rites for the Dead .

  6. Anon

    The Southern Rite of Human Sacrifice Part III
    Referring to the transfer of guilt from the community to the "scapegoat" in Frazer's understanding of ancient sacrificial rites, she deftly links it with the "cleansing" .

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Child Sacrifices
Apr 18, 2007 . In this paper the largely neglected parallels between the ancient rite of child sacrifice and the modern practice of abortion will be examined in .